Timber: a family passion for over 30 years.

Timber is our passion, and for over 30 years we have been helping our customers all over the world to realise the beauty and wonderful features of this material.
We offer high quality wood species selected in the countries where they are produced and we guarantee natural and legal products to all customers who want to get the most out of our products on a daily basis.

We are environmentally conscious and we exclusively bring wood that is certified by the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) to the market. This guarantees that the wood harvest is environmentally sustainable and that the wood comes from areas that are legally permitted for logging and safeguarded by reforestation and conservation policies.

Our timber is ideal for top quality decking and is suitable for all outdoor purposes such as swimming pool decks, walkways, terraces, fences, pergolas, beach resorts, walkways, patios and street furniture, facade cladding and stairways.
There is no limit to your ideas and to the shapes you can give your outdoor spaces to enjoy them with style and functionality.

Why our timber is suitable for outdoor spaces:
The wood species we offer are native to tropical countries where the environmental conditions are characterised by very high moisture levels due to constant rainfall throughout the year (equatorial zone). Nature itself, over time, has allowed the trees to survive and adapt to the local climate, increasing the density of fibres and guaranteeing water resistance to parasites and fungi..