Cumaru is a varied wood, with yellowish sapwood or brown, sometimes reddish, heartwood. It is variegated, has an oily appearance and sometimes a sour smell with hints of vanilla.

Painting and varnishing are not always satisfactory due to the presence of oily extracts.
The insertion of nails or screws is not easy due to its hardness and requires prior preparation of the surfaces.
Imperfections such as insect holes, processing defects and knots in the non-visible face of the board are allowed.

Small imperfections are also acceptable on the visible face. Cumaru is only slightly inferior to Ipe in terms of durability, hardness and most of the technical characteristics.
It has excellent characteristics for any outdoor use such as flooring, structural work, docks and shipbuilding, railway sleepers, fine woodworks and is also resistant to attacks from insects and marine borers.i.


Common name Cumaru (Brazilian Teak)
Scientific name Dipteryx odorata
Texture Fine/Medium
Grain Varied, often interlocked
Density From 900 Kg/m3 to 1,100 Kg/m3
Shrinkage Low to Medium
Dimensional stability High
Durability* Ottima
Durezza Excellent
Brinell hardness From 4.0 a 4.5 Kg/mm2
Crushing strength Excellent
Our timber is GF3-certified, proving the legal origin of the timber and the environmental compatibility of timber logging.

*Resistance to fungal or insect attack